1. What Are Your Products Made From?
All our products are made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. This type of steel is both strong and very shiny!
Gold products are plated with Real 18K Gold, using a high quality electroplating process.

2. Personalized Text Engraving
Make your jewelry unique as you are by adding a meaningful message or a name onto the nameplate pendant. We use a laser engraving process to apply your design to the front of a product. Your design is engraved onto the product in a highly detailed and attractive look.
Galaxie Gem jewelry makes the perfect keepsake for you or a unique gift for that someone special.

3. Character Limits
Our product page will automatically restrict the number of characters you can type in when ordering. For reference, the character limits are: 2 Lines, 20 characters per line.

4. Languages
English and other languages that use Latin characters are supported (such as French, Spanish). Chinese, Arabic and other character sets are not currently supported.
5. Fonts
Most products use Tangerine font. 

6. Emoji
Emoji are supported - a standard Emoji font is used and may look slightly different to how it appears on the customer's device when ordering.
You can insert Emoji using your smartphone/tablet keyboards
  • If you are a Windows user, you can press WinKey + . to open the Emoji keyboard
  • If you are a Mac user, you can press Cmd + Ctrl + Spacebar to open Emoji keyboard
  • If you are a Chrome user, you can right click the text box to find the Emoji keyboard
7. Care Advice
Caring for our jewelry is simple, as the metals don't easily tarnish. Here are some basic tips:
  • If the item becomes dirty or tarnishes in some way, clean it using plain soap and water - drying with a soft cloth.
  • Before storing the item, make sure it's fully dry and is not stored in a moist environment.
  • When storing, avoid storing it mixed amongst other jewelry, as the tarnish on those pieces may spread and damage the item.
  • While wearing, avoid exposure to chemicals (including cleaning agents), and avoid wearing in environments where the item may be knocked.
  • It's fine to get our jewelry wet! Wear it in the shower or while swimming, just make sure to dry it afterwards!
8. Allergies
Our products are made from 316L stainless steel. It offers low reaction rates and doesn't tarnish easily. The 316L stainless steel we use contains very little nickel, but all stainless steel contains some nickel. It's needed for durability and scratch-resistance. Nickel content of our products is very low and we've never had a report of a customer having a reaction to our products.
If you are concerned about having a reaction to jewelry, you can take a gold plated product, as this provides a barrier between the steel and the skin, and gold is not reactive at all.
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